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Getting tenders out on time is a constant pressure, but inefficient processes, unnecessary admin and the need for regulatory compliance slow you down.

You want to spend your time talking to clients and prospects; understanding their challenges and objectives.
However, research has shown that sales people spend more time looking for the information they want to share with prospects than they do actually meeting with them.
Our sales automation tools can help.

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     Up-to-date presentations, factsheets and brochures at your fingertips even when you’re on the move 

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    User-friendly Microsoft templates and content libraries make brand-compliant, accurate and professional presentations and documents easy

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    Online collaborative review and sign-off means faster content approval – so you meet your deadlines

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    Automated approval and archiving processes mean watertight compliance and confidence that you’re meeting FCA requirements

Common Challenges

Working with clients large and small has shown that Sales teams face similar challenges:

Pressure to meet ever-more ambitious sales targets
The need to get tenders and RFPs out to tight deadlines
Inefficient admin and processes that distract business developers from their focus – meeting their clients and prospects
Ensuring pitch books and proposals meet compliance requirements
Making sure sales presentations and proposals are on brand
Admin overload – your focus on selling is hindered by inefficient and duplicatory processes

Our Solutions

We can solve these challenges!


Focus on selling to meet your targets

Remove the admin obstacles that distract you from your business development focus


Achieve ever-tighter deadlines

DotApprove’s intuitive content management software speeds the production of sales documents, tenders, pitches and proposals

Faster compliance approval

Online collaboration mean faster compliance sign-off – which enables you to get tenders and pitches out quicker
Ensure brand consistency
Save time correcting non-compliant branding: branded presentation templates are locked down in RightSlide, while OnBrand does the same for your Word documents
Data is current and accurate
Ensure only accurate data – AUM, performance figures, disclaimers, corporate information – are used. Watermark unapproved content to prevent non Compliance-approved documents and presentations
Keep on top of a growing workload 
Keep track of multiple projects on user-friendly collaboration and project management software
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