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How to create compliant sales presentations

Steve Coleman

how to create compliant sales presentationsIf you work in sales for a regulated business, there’s a dilemma you regularly face.

Compliance or creativity?

Often, it can feel like one comes at the expense of the other. Either Sales presentations can comply with all the regulations you have to follow. You've checked t’s are crossed and i’s dotted to make sure you meet the FCA’s requirements.

Or you can use your time to make them as compelling as they can be. Researching the prospect to really understand the issues they face and creating a presentation that addresses them with tailored content.

Letting sales professionals sell

Research has shown that sales people often spend more time looking for the information they want to share with prospects than they do actually meeting with them. Particularly in a regulated industry, making sure content is accurate and compliant can be very time-consuming.

And then you have to check that they are brand compliant. Not to mention the need for review and approval by your Compliance team.

It’s no wonder that sales presentations often lack the creativity and energy that will make them a winner. Getting them out the door on time is challenge enough, without adding the bells and whistles needed to make them stand out.

But these bells and whistles should be exactly where you are focusing your efforts.

How to create compliant sales presentations

So how can you free up your time to create successful presentations? How can you reduce the time spent on compliance and standard content, and maximise the time you devote to bespoking your pitches, adding those client-centric details that will win you the business?

  1. Make sure content is easy to find

    Hunting out the content you need for sales pitches can be a frustrating process. How do you know you have the correct disclaimer; the most up to date AUM or performance data?

    By storing this information in a centralised, easily-accessed location, you make it easy to find correct content. You no longer need to scrabble around at the eleventh hour for the latest disclaimer wording. All regularly-used information is at hand so you can easily populate the majority of your presentation – the parts that stay the same from one pitch to another – and focus your time on the bits that matter: the reasons why your solutions and services will solve your prospect’s specific challenges.
  1. Make it easy to reuse approved content

    Much of the information in your sales presentations is common from one pitch to another. Having to reinvent the wheel on this standard content is frustrating and labour-intensive.

    A PowerPoint slide library can help. They enable you to ‘lock down’ approved content and make it easy to reuse approved information.  This can save Compliance and Sales teams significant time.
  1. Continuously improve your sales processes

    You know you had the perfect wording to describe one of your solutions…but can’t remember which sales presentation it was in. And when you won that massive client last year – which description of your business did you use..?

    If you can’t easily find content from previously successful pitches, you cannot refine your approach. Making it easy to reuse winning presentations means you can fine-tune your sales process and increase your win rate as a result. 
  1. Make compliance sign off faster and easier

    Sales presentations have notoriously tight deadlines. Getting Compliance approval can be the last step and can slow you down.

    Compliance review and sign off procedures can be less than efficient, with excessive administration and duplication of effort. Examine your processes to identify ways they can be improved.  Could a system that allows collaborative reviewing, with automatic capture of changes and versions, help to make compliance less laborious?
  1. Make brand compliance foolproof

    If you can’t quickly find the right templates, logos or other brand materials you know what happens – you go to an old presentation and reuse that instead. Unfortunately, branding changes; logos are updated; templates are replaced. If it’s not easy to find the right brand assets, a lack of brand consistency is the inevitable result.

    Sales presentations should be on-brand; it goes without saying. But all too often this isn’t the case because finding and using your brand correctly is too difficult.

    A centralised asset library – where business developers can download the latest versions of brand guidelines and collateral – can make the difference. You will be confident that you always have the correct logos and branding.  Your presentations will pass Marketing and Compliance scrutiny, and your corporate brand is amplified – not compromised.
  1. Focus on tailoring content to the prospect

    If approved content and branding is easy to access and use, your time can be spent where you excel – getting to know your prospect and working out how your products and services can benefit them. Spending time tailoring content to your clients’ needs will help you win more business.
  1. Make sure it looks good

    The best content won’t shine unless it’s presented in an engaging way. By investing in PowerPoint templates, you can spend more time on polishing your presentation to make it really shine. And if approved imagery is straightforward to find, it’s easy to make your sales presentations stand out from the crowd.

Hopefully, these tips ensure your sales presentations are creative and compliant.  For a more detailed overview, read our guide; 7 top tips for compliant sales presentations.  You can download a copy for free here

7 top tips for creating compliant sales presentations


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