It is a truth universally acknowledged that board pack compilation is a challenge for any company secretary or administrator. This is not when using the Boardpack® tool in VirtualBoardroom: board packs can be created at a click.

Collaborate with others to compile and publish board packs securely, quickly and easily.
Our board portal can help.


Board packs are simultaneously created in both print and e-Versions


Late addition feature ensures late files and last minute changes are easily managed


A simple, responsive, fully inclusive licence model allowing unlimited users


A very responsive, plain-speaking,

in-house support team available 24/7

Common Challenges

Our extensive experience with professional services clients – large and small – has shown that all Company Secretaries and Administrators face similar challenges.

Controlling the collation and distribution of board and corporate information
Providing secure and easy access by directors
Dealing with late files and last minute changes
Spending hours on manual and time-consuming document collation
A battle to embed compliant processes as ‘business as usual’ and encourage a culture of good governance
Admin overload – with ineffective manual processes slowing you down

Our Solutions

We can solve these challenges!


It will save you considerable time in creating and distributing
board packs and other corporate governance information

Allows a collaborative approach within your administrative team
Paperwork is minimised via online review, approvals and automatically-created audit trail. Labour-intensive manual processes are replaced with intuitive automated workflows
Produce both electronic and hard copy packs at a click of a
button – available online or in our dedicated iPad app, with
print still possible and simple
Selective publishing - enabling you to control information for
approval and handle sensitive information securely
An easy to use platform with intuitive back end for
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