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Collaborate with key contributors to board packs, streamline your production process and make information available to directors on the move.

VirtualBoardroom can help streamline your board communications, enhancing efficiency of administrators. It provides easy access to secure board papers and other relevant reference material by directors instantly and remotely.


Board packs are simultaneously created in both print and e-Versions


Late addition feature ensures late files and last minute changes are easily managed


A simple, responsive, fully inclusive licence model allowing unlimited users


A very responsive, plain-speaking,

in-house support team available 24/7

Common Challenges

Our extensive experience with professional and corporate services clients – large and small – has shown that all Boards face similar challenges

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Controlling the collation and distribution of board and corporate information
Providing secure and easy access by directors and board members
Dealing with late files and last-minute changes
Spending hours on manual and time-consuming document collation
A battle to embed compliant processes as ‘business as usual’ and encourage a culture of good governance
Admin overload – with ineffective manual processes slowing you down

Our Solutions

We can solve these challenges!

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Saving considerable time in creating and distributing board packs and other corporate governance information

  • Enabling collaboration and rapid compilation of papers by administrators – cutting days of work into hours
  • Facilitating instant publishing of papers to directors – giving access to board communications, archived papers and other key reference information on a single device, with offline capabilities
Enabling you to control information for approval and handle sensitive information securely with selective publishing

Produce both electronic and hard copy packs at a click of a button – available online or in our dedicated iPad app, with print still possible and simple

Directors always have access to their current and archived documents and board meetings can run smoothly, with all directors working from the same real time information
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