Our Story

Perivan Technology creates software that automates business processes. Its powerful software solutions are designed to respond to the unique challenges faced by boardrooms, marketing, compliance and governance teams in the financial and professional services sectors.


We help firms become more efficient through the use of technology. Our software solutions save you money, enhance brand consistency, reduce compliance risk and improve speed to market. Our secure platforms are designed to streamline collaboration and project management, aid in compliance approval and the archiving of regulated assets and materials. All of our technology is created and developed in response to specific challenges faced by businesses in the financial and professional service sectors.


We are a division of Perivan Limited, which provides financial stability and enables us to commit substantial sums to improving our products and broadening their scope. We employ over 80 people based at our offices in the City of London and Edinburgh. The company is owned by its employees, which helps foster a positive and proactive culture. 

Meet Our Executive Team 

  • Nick Roi CEO

    As the CEO, Nick is responsible for steering the ship at Perivan Technology, having had over 12 years’ SaaS / Cloud software experience in a variety of Senior Executive positions. Born in Australia, he is an advocate of all things from the “colonies” including flip flops, vegemite and sunshine.

  • Zarek Marshall CTO

    Zarek leads our development team in Edinburgh, Perivan’s very own un-geeky geek. He made documents his speciality and has mastered the art and mystery of structuring, organising, combining, beautifying and mining them for data. Clearly that isn’t enough of a challenge so in his spare time he resorts to climbing mountains.

  • Vera Drozdova CFO

    Vera is responsible for Perivan's finance and drives the business forward going beyond number crunching. She has previously led finance of aviation, consumer tech, e-commerce and digital taking the companies through complex transitions, including mergers and acquisitions, and start-ups. She is a health and fitness buff, has a weakness for sweets and loves modern art.

Meet Our Senior Management Team
  • Graham Bowstead Head of Sales

    Graham, as the Head of Sales and through his prior roles in financial print and now board portals has had extensive contact with company secretaries in helping them overcome their challenges in shareholder and board communications. He’s an avid gardener and golfer but spends more time digging up fairways than flower beds.

  • Steve Coleman Head of Business Development

    If you’re searching for a better way of doing something Steve’s your man – he actually enjoys re-engineering processes and bombards our developers with new ideas. In his spare time he likes to battle the elements in his kayak, proving he has no fear of wind, rain, arctic temperatures or software developers.

  • Dan Gaydon Head of Customer Success

    Dan has been with Virtualboardroom since 2008 ensuring the Customer Success department is running smoothly and everyone is making their fair share of tea. Dan’s a big fan of Marmite over Vegemite and can often be heard saying 'It's not just the taste, it's also the viscosity'.

  • Dimitriya Paunova Head of Marketing

    As the Head of Marketing, Dimitriya has the best job of all. It’s not easy to balance it all but she has lived in five countries, met many interesting people, and worked with plenty of marketing and advertising technologies. She thrives on good puns, good coffee and adding a bit of fun to everyone’s day!

  • Dave Watkins Head of Professional Services

    Dave has worked within the printing and technology sectors for over 20 years working alongside clients to implement systems to streamline their processeses and make them more efficient. Dave enjoys long walks with his wife and their 2 Bulldogs, and ever the optimist, pretends he can play darts.

Meet Our Awesome Team
  • Sandra Briggs Contracts And Compliance Manager

    Sandra has several “hats” for Perivan, including responsibility for contracts and compliance.  As the responsible person for lots of policies, Sandra has no sense of humor or quirks at all!!

  • Oliver Campbell Head of Product Design

    As the head of his own department (a department of 1) Oliver is responsible for keeping the troops in line and highly motivated as well as making sure all the work gets done. Outside of work he loves to cook, especially with cheese, whilst watching professional athletes overexert themselves.

  • Alexandra Vannini Project Manager

    As Project Manager in the professional services team, Alex liaises with clients to deliver Perivan Technology products. She enjoys building relationships with clients to ensure a successful delivery. Outside of work she has a passion for netball. Originally from New Zealand, she loves discussing rugby with her Australian CEO.

  • David Daniel Sales Manager

    David has a Politics degree from the University of Hull and a Masters from the University of South Wales. Away from evangelising the benefits of DotApprove David enjoys family life and music. A Welsh speaker, he prefers laverbread  to marmite and vegemite.

  • Kevin Davis Sales Director

    A graduate the University of Oxford, Kevin gained his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees and an Oxford Blue before pursuing a professional rugby career, taking him from England to Australia, before getting into Enterprise Software Sales. Away from the office, he enjoys the challenge of finding London’s best burger and slice of carrot cake.

  • John Da Silva Customer Success Manager

    John Da Silva has been a SaaS specialist for Virtualboardroom® since May, 2011. A personable and likable character who enjoys simplifying techie challenges and life itself. When he's not assisting his clients, he's a husband, father of two, who's therapy lies between tee to green, he also clearly enjoys riddles.

  • Craig Young Customer Success Manager

    Craig’s role includes ensuring overall support, training and maintaining good customer relationships. He is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Purple Belt and combines his passion for Martial Arts & Travel to train/compete at various locations around the UK and Europe.

  • Virginia Castillo Accounts Assistant

    Virginia works in the Finance department as a Credit Controller. In her spare time she likes to plan her next holiday destination. She is a dog lover and enjoys cooking Indian Food.

  • Alex Miller Financial Analyst

    Perivan Technology’s “original” Alex (there are 4). Alex works in Finance, but due to her Social Media addiction, she now has one foot in the Marketing department as well. She is the self-proclaimed queen of online shopping (we believe her), a keen Thai food lover and has a slightly worrying obsession with crime documentaries.

  • Andrea Ranson Accounts Assistant

    Responsible for invoicing and administration within the team, Andrea currently works part-time as she’s far too busy enjoying her golf, gardening, cooking and of course wine tasting!

  • Kathryn Allan Senior Developer

    Kathryn has an unhealthy obsession with fireworks and wheels. Always with the wheels. Maybe I’m missing something. Anyway, her code runs as well as she does (she runs well), and she has excellent turnaround.

  • Pablo Bessone Senior Developer

    Pablo hails from Argentina. Arrogance, pride and narcissism are all stereotypes of Argentines (from Wikipedia), fortunately, none of these are characteristics of Pablo. He’s an excellent programmer, and an absolutely stand up chap.

  • Sachin Bhatt Senior Developer

    Sachin has over 20 years of development experience. Since having discovered his love of software development when programming microcontroller circuits as an engineering student. When not programming he is an avid cricket follower, a headphone collector and metal head. 

  • Aruna Gopalan Senior Test Engineer

    Aruna leads our testing department and has 15 years of experience in functional and system testing. Responsible for drawing up test processes, coaching junior testers and performing test planning and execution. When not giving our developers a hard time, she is happy to help with her son's homework or catch up on a bit of gym.

  • Peter Hemstad Lead Developer

    Pete is a machine. Like all inanimate objects, Pete does not speak, which is not all that unusual for a software developer. He also likes dinosaurs. 

  • Boris Hristov Junior Developer

    Boris sees himself as an all-rounder, having started with Java and Python as a student, moving onto full-stack in .NET, and currently front end Web development. Outside of work, he is a history junkie who builds model airplanes – although as any respectable modeller he has more unbuilt models than he could possibly ever finish. 

  • Raheela Hussain Software Test Engineer

    Raheela brings a fire to the QA team that we value. Some children build towers from blocks, some knock them down. Raheela would build a tower then take a flame thrower to it. This of course is an analogy, and is not related to her actual burning of the Man Utd flag after they appointed Mourinho as manager.

  • Mahalakshmi Kanakaraj Software Test Engineer

    Maha is a certified Software tester with manual and automation testing experience for products and websites. With a development background and in-depth understanding of the project, she knows what she's talking about. Always trying to be the resourceful perfectionist, she enjoys making things better.

  • Malcolm Macleod Senior Developer

    Malcolm has over 15 years in software development (most specifically .NET), in a wide variety of fields including finance, education and manufacturing. Malcolm is the father of two children, a keen distance runner, who is trying hard to match his daughter's violin progress.

  • Chris McGowan Project Manager

    The Andy Murray lookalike makes up for his lack of tennis skills, with a cool head and excellent customer management ability. When he’s not keeping all the plates spinning at work, he can often be found with his head spinning on the football field. Not a fan of seagulls.

  • Donald McInnes Software Developer

    Donald has worked in software development for longer than he cares to remember. Having started in Scotland he moved 'down south', and finding that he liked it carried on moving, getting as far as Iran before finally heading home again. Having two children has put paid to his wandering, and so he has taken up pretending he can play basketball instead. 

  • Noelia Romero Senior Developer

    After becoming separated from her family at an early age due to an earthquake, Noelia was raised by a tribe where coding was strictly forbidden for women. She would sneak into the forest every day to catch glimpses of the men as they coded, until eventually she was discovered and banished because she was better than they were. Noelia is now flourishing in our diverse environment.

View our other divisions

Perivan Technology is the software division of Perivan Ltd. If you are interested in other areas of our business, please visit their websites below:

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    Simple and to the point. That's Perivan Design's ethos. We design for the financial and professional services sector. We produce brand identities for clients such as Royal London Asset Management, implement brands for organisations such as Cofunds or produce stunning brochureware for the likes of Brooks Macdonald.
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    The UK’s leading independent financial printer. We are entirely owned and run by people who work for the company and our core team is without question the most well established in the marketplace. We manage, design and print all types of financial documentation, company literature and shareholder communications, including: Annual Reports, Fund Reports, IPO’s, M&A and fundraisings.
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Policies & the environment

Perivan is proud to have installed an Environmental Management System. Our London office was registered to ISO 14001 standard by ISOQAR in March 2004 and extended to our Edinburgh office in 2014. Our serious commitment to the environment has been demonstrated in the growth of the scope of our EMS over the last years. Our certificate can be viewed here.


Perivan is serious in its commitment to fairness in the workplace, care for the environment, health and safety, security management, diversity, sustainability 

We are strong believers in ethical buying. Our dealings with our suppliers are straightforward and considerate. We demand a high level of performance from our suppliers but work in partnership to help them to achieve it. We believe well managed, efficient and hardworking suppliers should be able to make a profit. We are happy to supply you with a copy of our other policies on request.